Gain hands-on experience and learn the necessary skills for directing high-quality episodic television

Date:  June 24-30
Levels:  Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee:  $1595
Max Class Size: 14

Given the explosion in the quality and quantity of episodic programming over the last several years, almost every director wants at least one foot in this exciting world. Shows are setting new standards, pushing the envelope, and helping to shape the national dialogue. With several hundred original scripted series on cable, major networks, and streaming platforms, extraordinary opportunities abound. TV is where the work is.

Directing for television requires the same skills needed for feature productions, and additionally, the ability to step into an existing production structure and quickly absorb and direct to the tone and style of the show while working efficiently to shoot an entire hour series in just seven or eight days.

This workshop walks students through the experience of directing a TV series by taking a recent network show and breaking down all of the stages from pre-production through shooting and into post-production. Using actual scripts, students discuss scheduling and scouting, recreate casting sessions, look at the director’s role in making production boards, discuss shot breakdowns, and choose locations.

Students work on different scenes and learn how to rehearse and work with the director of photography to find the best way to shoot a scene, keeping in mind the other 8 pages of script they must shoot in the same day. Throughout the course, students direct actors and set shots. The student’s work is compared and contrasted to the real life dailies from a specific episode, giving them a first-hand look at the numerous choices a director must constantly be making to both advance the story and find a visual language appropriate for the scene.

Students work with editors to edit scenes, compare dailies, cut scenes, and create a final cut from the actual episode. The instructor brings a script and dailies from a complete show and uses it as the template for exploring what the director does in television. Students break down the script, define how they would rehearse and shoot it, and then have the opportunity to see what was done with the actual episode. Students discuss all of the conceptual thought processes that led to the decisions that were made for that particular episode.

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this workshop is also Week Four of the 10 Week Directing Intensive

Image Credits: Christian Randolph

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Instructor: Peter Werner

Peter Werner is an Academy Award-winning director with an extensive background in both television and film. His television credits include Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Justified, Grimm, Unforgettable, and The Blacklist.