Study with an Emmy-nominated director of films and more than 200 TV episodes!

Date: Oct 21-27, 2018
Levels:  Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $1750
Max Class Size: 14

Additional Dates Offered: Jun 10-16, 2018

Learn to cast, rehearse, block, and direct a team of professional actors in a short dramatic scene.  You’ll also explore how the camera is used to help tell the story.

The relationship between actors and the camera is a primary responsibility of the director. This course is a practical laboratory for directors who want to explore the process of directing both actors and cinematographers. Students are required to bring a two-to-three minute scene from a script, involving two or three characters, from a film they have not seen.

Throughout the week, students cast and rehearse scenes using a team of professional actors, work out staging actors, blocking and camera moves, and inspire performances from all involved; integrating these two basic skills of a film director.  Cameras, lighting, and sets are basic; the goal is to explore the directorial and collaborative processes and the techniques needed to create convincing performances, and to carry the director’s vision forward.

In addition to directors, and actors who want to increase their understanding of film techniques, the class will also be valuable for cinematographers who want to further explore the relationship between camera and performance. 

Image Credits: Devin Altobello, Amanda Piela

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Instructor: Alan Myerson

Alan Myerson is an Emmy-nominated member of the Directors Guild of America. He has directed theatrical features, television films and pilots, and more than 200 television episodes. Credits include The Larry Sanders Show, Police Academy 5, Bad Attitudes, Holiday Affair, Ally McBeal, Boston Public, Friends, Frasier, JAG, Miami Vice, Crime Story, and Laverne & Shirley.