Channel your artistic expression to produce a thoughtful narrative.

Date:  Jul 8-14, 2018
Levels:  Advanced, Master
Workshop Fee:  $1150
Class Size: 14

There are many innovative approaches to storytelling and in this workshop you will learn to channel your inspiration and artistic expression while producing thoughtful imagery that clearly communicates your narrative.

Image Credit: Arlene Collins

Whether you are a fine art photographer conceptualizing an idea, a documentary photographer telling personal stories or a photographer of any stripe wanting to create a portfolio of images that distinctively come to life, the process can be daunting. This workshop will guide you in identifying and defining your goals while you create structure and conceptualize your storyline.

Through formal lectures on the visual narrative, editing and sequencing for impact, image critiques, and on location demonstrations, plus practical information and tips about specific shooting situations including working with your subjects to gain access, shooting in low-light and challenging lighting situations, you will learn to tell your compelling stories to a larger audience.

Attendees are encouraged to investigate and develop their passion in creating original content and the take away of this workshop is concretizing your vision.

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Instructor: Arlene Collins

Arlene Collins specializes in documenting remote cultures and changing civilizations around the world. She currently produces and leads international photography workshops, offers a master photography class and topic-specific short courses in her New York City studio, lectures in the United States and abroad, and consults privately with a number of clients. Arlene is a world traveler, and the list of countries she has not yet visited or worked in continues to shrink. She has photographed in more than 60 international locations. She has lectured in Yangon, Myanmar (Burma), at the Fototeca Center in Havana, Cuba, and at the Istanbul Center of Photography in Turkey, and she has taught workshops at the Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City; ROSPHOTO, the Russian State Center of Photography in St. Petersburg, Russia; at the Three Shadows Photography Center in Beijing, China; and in Lahore, Pakistan. In addition, Arlene has led intensive workshops to Turkey, Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, Tibet, China, Mongolia, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan, Argentina, India, Cuba, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and to Kamchatka in eastern Russia.