Discover the hidden art of sound design

Date:  Jul 22-28, 2018
Levels:  Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee:  $1345
Class Size: 12

Guided by one of today’s top sound designers in film, explore how artful sound design can take your dramatic experience to a new and thrilling level.  Through case studies and experimentation with creating soundscapes, you’ll never listen to sound the same way.

Remember the sound of the overhead fan becoming the blades of a helicopter in Apocalypse Now?  Or the sound of an elevated train metronomically marking the tension in Michael Corleone’s head as he sat in a restaurant, about to become an assassin, in The Godfather?  They were indelible examples of sound used in the service of heightening story and character. Not mere sound effects. And they didn’t happen by accident. They were designed.   

While the process and tools of sound design will be covered in depth, more than anything this week is about exploring the creative dimensions of sound to heighten the impact of a film. You will create different soundscapes for scenes to examine how these choices change and intensify our perception of a moment.  While the focus will be on sound design for film, the dynamics examined will also resonate for TV and web series.

You’ll explore how to design a film with sound in mind, how to analyze a script and determine where sound can help to tell the story.  Through screenings of selected films, scenes, and sequences, you will deepen your ability to listen to how sound design amplifies your emotional experience.  You’ll learn how to gauge whether a scene is best served by silence, sound effects, or music; and how many sonic elements are too much. The dynamics of working with a director will also be covered.

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this workshop is also Week Three of the 4 Week Editing and Post-Production Intensive.

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Richard Beggs

Richard Beggs won the Oscar for Best Sound for “Apocalypse Now” (shared with Walter Murch, Mark Berger, and Nathan Boxer). He has worked extensively with Sofia Coppola and has designed sound for several of her films (“Lost In Translation”, “The Beguiled”, “The Virgin Suicides”, “Somewhere”, “The Bling Ring”, and “Marie Antoinette”.) His other sound design credits include “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, “The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”; “Children of Men”, “Adaptation”, “The Godfather Part III”, “Palo Alto”, “Bugsy”, “Rain Man”, and “Ghostbusters”.