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Wednesday Oct 21st, 2020
7pm-9:30pm EDT
(Online Format using Zoom)

Oscar-nominated Director of Photography, Steve Yedlin, ASC (KNIVES OUT, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, LOOPER, BRICK) discusses his career in the industry, and his approach to cinematography and visual storytelling.

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this course is also part of the Online Cinematography Master Class Series, which includes presentations by Rodrigo Prieto, ASC (The Wolf of Wall Street, The Irishman), Amy Vincent, ASC (Black Snake Moan, Hustle & Flow), Phedon Papamichael, ASC (Ford v. Ferrari, Sideways), Jonathan Freeman, ASC (Game of Thrones) and many more! Passes available for single lecture, or All Access! 

Instructor: Steve Yedlin ASC

Steve Yedlin’s credits include several films with director Rian Johnson: KNIVES OUT, STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII: THE LAST JEDI, LOOPER, BRICK (Sundance Special Grand Jury Prize Winner) and THE BROTHERS BLOOM. Steve’s other cinematography credits include SAN ANDREAS, GIRL MOST LIKELY, DANNY COLLINS, CARRIE, AMERICAN VIOLET, Tobe Hooper’s THE TOOLBOX MURDERS, and THE WITNESS: FROM THE BALCONY OF RM. 306 (HBO, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short). He has lensed music videos for LCD Soundsystem and Son Lux.  His commercials include ones for Nike, Google, Sun Life, Mountain Dew, Rhapsody, and Microsoft. Steve’s passions and curiosity are focused on the art and science of motion imaging and photographic lighting. From the broadest emotional scope of visual storytelling to the narrowest mathematical granularity of image science, Yedlin’s obsession is not exclusionary. A long-time friend and collaborator of writer/director Rian Johnson, the two filmmakers’ work together began when both were teenagers with the making of homemade short films with unlikely titles such as THESAURUS THIEF and HEY LADY, YOU DROPPED YOUR WALLET, and has evolved today to include their highly regarded, if no less singular, feature films. When he’s not working with Johnson, Yedlin enjoys exploring the flexibility of his craft with a variety of directors and projects. His range of work has managed to include intense indie dramas, Hollywood visual effects spectacles, comedies (both broad and dark), horror films, and the occasional documentary.