Learn how to make emotive photos of wedding situations

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Wedding photography has grown in recent years and customers are more demanding, so having a professional and personal style is more important now than ever before.

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn and practice wedding photography in simulations of a real wedding, having a professional by your side to consult and guide you. Prepare to face a job that requires many active hours, concentration and organization.

Learn to control the camera for every moment and any type of light source, natural and artificial, to achieve beautiful photos. Practice different ways of composing and go beyond the strict rules to achieve more emotional photos. Practice the role of the main photographer, second photographer and the assistant. Know the different instances of a wedding and how to face them as a photographer.

This workshop is a space for discussion and criticism about the photos that are made. Practice in different scenes of a wedding, watching the teacher work and shooting under his supervision and criticism. Shoot couple portraits, engagement portraits, getting ready and ceremony. We’ll also discuss choosing the best images, editing, and workflow. As well as dealing with clients in the first meeting, during the wedding and afterwards.

By the end of the course you will think outside of the box, and come to understand the importance of the feeling behind a photograph. You will gain confidence to start your career as a wedding photographer and improve your photography to be able to tell real stories by developing your own style.

All image credit ©Marcelo Damiani 

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Instructor: Marcelo Damiani

Marcelo Damiani is a co-founder of the company Damiani-Añón (damianianon.com, @damianianon), with 10 years of experience in wedding photography. He introduced a new look in Uruguay to social photography and won different awards in international wedding photo gallery societies such as ISPWP and INSPIRATION PHOTOGRAPHERS. He is inspired by the authenticity of the unrepeatable moments. In his work he seeks to document from the emotions and details that make couples unique. He has worked in weddings, editorial, advertising, sports and documentaries.