Date:  October 14, 2018 (3:30-7:30)
Levels:  All Levels
Workshop Fee:  $75 (may be combined with Comedy for the Unfunny for $345)
Max Class Size: 30

Combine it With:
Comedy for the Unfunny

Audition Psych 101 is an acclaimed four-hour workshop for actors that deals with the mental side of the audition process. It’s mostly a lecture and conversation, focusing exclusively on the way we think about this weird show-business ritual, and how we can approach it better.

Led by the accomplished actor and teacher Michael Kostroff, the session will help you deconstruct the ideas that make you feel scared, nervous, insecure, discouraged, and unworthy, explode some of our strange, illogical actor mythologies, and consider fresh ideas and practicable techniques for making auditions much more enjoyable and much more successful.

Here’s why it’s effective: Audition Psych 101 isn’t based on any sort of magical positive thinking, new-age philosophy, or spiritual beliefs. The ideas all come from solid, provable realities, professional experiences, and good old-fashioned logic. It’s the stuff you know in your gut, brought back into focus.

The atmosphere is casual and encouraging and there’s typically a lot of laughing.

There’s nothing to prepare. Just bring your brain and a pen.


“It’s weird… I can’t wait for my next audition!” —Mariel Matero Donnelly, NYC

“THE most informative, insightful, inspirational, and entertaining workshop I’ve ever attended.”

—Tom Wardach, NYC

“I took your workshop last year and WOW does it work! The last job I got, the director told me she cast me because I seemed so calm during the audition process.” —Everett O’Neil, NYC

“It has been over a year since I took your seminar, and the fact that I am still using the techniques I learned just validates its value. Your advice has brought the joy and fun back into the audition process, which ultimately has allowed for more callbacks and many more bookings.” —Mick Guire, NYC

“Michael’s workshop is a delight to experience. His expertise, sense of humor, and just old-fashioned good sense does the impossible: It ACTUALLY makes the actor comfortable with the audition process.” —J. R. Orlando, San Jose

“For the past 35 years, I’ve counseled dozens of performers. Among many other issues, we always talk about their audition anxiety. [In Audition Psych 101] Michael Kostroff has validated everything I believe about the audition process. He’s learned what he knows the hard way, through his own experience. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Let him save you a lot of disappointment and frustration.”  —Lee D. Kassan, NYC, psychotherapist

“The most wonderful seminar I have ever attended in my 14 years in Los Angeles. You offered techniques that I know will change the destiny of my career!” —Kent Kasper, L.A.

“I felt like it was just the beginning of a new way of working. I’ve heard some of the concepts before, but it was the way you packaged them, with your funny stories and down-to-earth ideas…all in a way I was ready to hear and understand and actually USE. You surprised me with the gift of a new perspective. I feel like I’ve released years of wasteful thoughts that have been getting in the way of me focusing on my actual WORK.”  —Stacy Stoltz, Chicago

“Since your workshop, I’ve made a 180 in attitude going into auditions. I’m way more confident and prepared, and it’s paid off…the wisdom you shared will stay with me for the rest of my career.” —Alonzo Alcaraz, Chicago

“Michael’s personality, combined with his first-hand experience as an actor, makes his workshop not only educational but also exciting and fun. I highly recommend it to all actors out there wanting to improve their auditioning skills, but also their overall attitude towards the sometimes dreaded process. With the right frame of mind, auditioning CAN be fun!” —Rebecca Washo, San Jose

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Instructor: Michael Kostroff

Best known for his five seasons playing defense attorney Maurice Levy on HBO's The Wire, Michael’s other credits include Molly’s Game, The Wizard of Lies, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Gotham, Madam Secretary, Bosch, Louie, and recurring roles on The Blacklist, Law & Order SVU, Luke Cage, The Deuce, Damages, and The Good Wife.