See why Steven Soderbergh shot his latest film on an iPhone!

Date:  Aug 19-25, 2018
Levels:  Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee:  $1495
Class Size: 12

The iPhone has become a dynamic tool in filmmaking and photography.  Two recent high-profile feature films made for theatrical release – one by Steven Soderbergh, the other a Sundance hit – were shot entirely on iPhones.  While iPhone users have long been aware of their ability to create spontaneous films, what are the implications for using this tool to create non-fiction, fiction, and experimental films?  How is it changing the cinematic landscape?  Join us and find out.  Expect a fascinating week rich in experimentation.  

In the early 1960s, the French New Wave changed the face of international filmmaking with a new aesthetic and attitude – one made possible by the portability of new lightweight cameras. The iPhone and its sister devices are changing the game again.  Small enough to be convenient, economical, and discreet; powerful enough to allow for projection on a large screen, the iPhone offers new possibilities for portability and intimacy in filmmaking techniques.  

Using an iPhone (or a similar device or DSLR), participants will shoot and edit a short non-fiction film or experimental film of two minutes or less.  Alternatively, students can create a cinematic exercise that evokes a dramatic narrative in the way it employs camera, shot progression, and visual storytelling (but please note that the class will not cover writing, dramatic staging, or the direction of actors).

Recommended for filmmakers, photographers, educators, journalists, and professionals.  The workshop will also explore inexpensive but powerful apps including FiLMiC Pro, lens and stabilization options, audio recording, accessories, and workflows for editing in-device or on your computer.  Even as experience with editing software such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X is desirable, and will give filmmakers greater control in the editing process, others may choose to edit in iMovie.

Image Credit: Alexis Mpaka

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Instructor: Bob Sacha

Bob Sacha is an award-winning director, cinematographer, editor, teacher, photographer, and collaborator on visual journalism projects. He has made videos for the New York Times, Apple, MediaStorm, and many others.