Learn the technical and aesthetic fundamentals of motion picture cinematography

Date:  Jun 3-9, 2018
Levels:  Beginner, Intermediate
Workshop Fee:  $1395
Class Size: 16

Additional Dates Offered: Aug 12-18, 2018

With Matthew J. Siegel, producer and director of photography

The Workshop Goals:  To teach the fundamentals of motion picture cinematography aesthetics, to demonstrate the associated creative and technical aspects of digital image acquisition, and to explore the dynamics of a successful director-cinematographer relationship.

The Art of Cinematography Workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the world of cinematography. Students are introduced to the essential technical components and aesthetic considerations of the craft. They explore the use of exposure, contrast, color, depth-of-field, and the importance of latitude and dynamic range as part of their creative process.

Through hands-on exercises in the studio and on location, emerging filmmakers combine the technical aspects of cinematography–including ISO, WB, FPS, shutter angle, resolution, and recording format–with the aesthetic considerations of lens choice, framing, composition, camera perspective, and movement to create compelling visual images and to tell engaging visual stories.

The workshop examines how filmmakers approach a script, break it down, and create a unique stylistic identity. Production teams will then design shot series and sequences. Students will experience the dynamics of a successful relationship between a director and a cinematographer, and the importance of clear communication with their crew.

Lectures, demonstrations, fieldwork, screenings, and critiques work in conjunction with workshop exercises. They provide an overview of how to control the motion picture image and how to shape a storyline from script to screen. The combination of hands-on experience and exploration of film aesthetics guide emerging filmmakers to develop a “good eye.”

The major non-camera related aesthetic tools introduced in this workshop are basic portrait and scene lighting. Students address fundamental lighting strategies for both location and studio production.

Set etiquette and safety will be emphasized throughout the lectures and class exercises.

In addition to being offered on an individual basis, this workshop is also Week One of the 10 Week Cinematography Intensive

Image credit: Neil Shelley

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Instructor: Matt Siegel

CLIO Award winning director of photography Matt Siegel creates visual images for commercials, features, documentaries, branded content, and corporate communications. His commercial clients include Google, Toyota, Ford, SONY, Audi, MasterCard, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, with new campaigns filmed for Bayer, Honda, CVS, and Timberland. His commercial work has won international recognition, including ADDY, TELE, Cannes’ Golden Lion, and Cable ACE awards. In addition to commercial production, Matt has extensive industry experience as a 2nd Unit DP and Camera Operator on episodic television, including the WB series Everwood, the CBS drama Joan of Arcadia, the Jerry Bruckheimer series Just Legal, and the CBS series The Mentalist. His work as a feature film camera operator on major motions pictures includes The Matrix: Reloaded, Master and Commander, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith.