Compose and execute shots in a number of challenging real-world environments.

Date:  Aug 12-18, 2018
Levels: Intermediate, Advanced
Workshop Fee: $2195
Class Size: 12

Drones are arguably the single most important technological development for film and television in the last 25 years. Today nearly every feature film, television show or commercial production is using drone-mounted cameras.  No other creative pursuit is as complex and rewarding.  Drone artists today need to master the delicate balance of unmanned aerial flight (aviation), photography and rapidly evolving government regulations.

This course will be a deep dive into drone photography and cinematography as a modern art form and multidirectional career opportunity.  The course will cover multi-rotor drone flight, remote camera operation, as well as the complex nature of composing and executing shots in a number of challenging real-world environments.

Header Image Credit: Christine Moriello

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Instructor: Brian J. Kelly

Brian J. Kelly is a veteran of nearly thirty years of the development and production of innovative television content. Mr. Kelly is an award winning producer, director and writer of hundreds of commercials, documentary films and non-fiction television shows for networks such as NBC, Discovery Channel, TLC, Military Channel, Science Channel, Animal Planet, The Military Channel, Discovery Times Channel, Investigation Discovery, TLC, Planet Green, HD Theatre, Travel Channel, History Channel, A&E, National Geographic Channel, HGTV, HDNET, REELZ and PBS.  A businessman, spokesperson, historian and strategic communications consultant -- Brian has worked with television networks, government organizations, the US Military, national trade associations and Fortune 500 corporations in harnessing the power of television messaging and programming.