Customize your own mentoring experience to dive deeper into any area of filmmaking

Nov 1, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021
Dec 1, 2021 - Dec 17, 2021

Levels: All,
Workshop Fee: $395
Class Size: 1:1

Are you interested in getting advice and guidance from video professionals to walk you through the process of producing your own film projects?

Students may opt into this program to engage with mentors with focused specialties. Cinematographer and colorist, David Martinez, will be available to lend his expertise, as will Editor, Animator, and Sound Designer, Alex Burnett, and media producer Tom Ryan. Other mentors can be available for students who wish to supplement their 1:1 sessions with a specialized filmmaker.

Get the answers to all of your questions about how to produce any current or upcoming film projects and let us walk you through the process of pre-production, production, and editing. The program consists of four 1:1 sessions of two hours of engagement via the Zoom platform.

If you’re interested or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Film Program Manager, David Martinez, at [email protected]

In addition, students who wish to book more than four sessions for their project mentorship may want to consider our 8-Session Mentoring Program.

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