Develop visual stories that speak to your personal experiences.

Date: Jun 1-3, 2018
Levels: Beginner, Intermediate
Workshop Fee: $650
Class Size: 12

How do we develop visual stories that speak to our personal experiences? For professional fine art photographers and emerging picture-makers the book is a dynamic art form. The workshop will provide a context about the photobook, including trends in the industry; the marketplace for photobooks in the U.S. and Europe; awards, competitions, trade fairs and festivals that focus on photobooks; self-publishing and distribution vs. working with a publisher.

This three-day course will offer students a way to shape their ideas, conceive and explore a concept, and determine a visual approach that works best for each project. The course will begin with an introduction to photobooks in a hands-on setting, including Tim Whelan’s photographic books store in the Maine Media Rockport Gallery, and include ongoing discussions about the creative benefits of the format.

Topics include: selecting a personal project; editing your photographs; sequencing and sizing pictures in relation to overall format; using text (or not) as a graphic element; and aesthetic choices regarding paper stocks and bindings. Students will be encouraged to share an idea about a book project and get feedback. This seminar is for those who are just beginning to think about how to arrange their images into book form as well as photographers who have completed projects but are not sure how to proceed.

What do you learn:

  • Visual literacy skills that expand your photographic practice
  • Editing and organizing your images
  • How to create a tangible product
  • Confidence in your work

Lunch each day is included. Lodging is available on campus $75/night, private room & bath.

Header Image Credit: Neil Spinner

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Instructor: Daile Kaplan

Daile Kaplan is vice president and director of Photographs at Swann Galleries, New York, where she has set world auction records for 19th and 20th century photobooks and fine art, documentary and vernacular photographs. A curator and collector, she is also photographs specialist on PBS’s tv program Antiques Roadshow. Daile is a champion of photography in its myriad forms and a celebrated lecturer and writer.

She has authored two books about Lewis W. Hine, who coined the term “photo story.” Her first book, Lewis Hine in Europe, The ‘Lost’ Photographs addressed the great social documentary photographer’s European photographs that had been lost for sixty years. Her most recent title, Pop Photographica, Image Objects, highlights vernacular objects from her collection, which was exhibited at the Photo Festival in Arles, France.

She has contributed essays to Click! Photography Changes Everything (Aperture) and The Education of a Photographer (Allsworth Press). A certified, USPAP-compliant appraiser of photographs and photobooks, she was a board member of the Appraisers Association of America for twelve years and is featured in the publication Appraising Art: The Definitive Guide (Appraisers Association of America). She currently serves on the board of trustees of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund and the Palm Beach Photographic Centre.