Gain an understanding of the technical theory and organizational workflow that is foundational to a successful editing process

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This 2 day course is for filmmakers, video professionals, photographers, and anyone else looking to gain a strong foundation in the necessary knowledge to start editing video captured in today’s digital formats.

Following overview of the proper initial steps in ingesting and organizing media, we will take a look at footage from a variety of cameras, everything from  DSLRs, to 5K Digital Cinema Cameras, discuss what makes each unique, and go over the proper steps in processing and preparing each format of footage for editing. We will discuss different resolutions, frame rates, and codecs, and the theory and use behind each (both in editing and while shooting.)

We will delve into the editing process, and go over necessary steps and helpful tricks to get from a folder full of your raw footage, to a rough edit, and ultimately a final polished piece. Proper export and delivery of final products will be covered.

Students are encouraged to bring footage and projects of their own and will be offered the chance to receive one-on-one guidance from the instructor and have specific questions answered after class hours.

*In this course, we will use Adobe Premiere, however, most of the topics covered apply to the use of most editing softwares.

Lunch each day is included. Lodging is available on campus $75/night, private room & bath.

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Instructor: Tom Ryan

A New England-based editor and filmmaker, Tom has worked extensively in the worlds of commercial, corporate, and documentary film. He has free-lanced in Production for over 7 years with companies like Redtree, Timber & Frame Media, Knack Factory, and ESPN. He has produced independent work for clients including Zillow, Carnegie Mellon University and Datto Inc. As an editor, his work in fiction and documentary film has been shown in numerous festivals. In addition to workshops, he currently teaches documentary film in the 30-Week Professional Certificate program at Maine Media College. Affiliated with MMW+C for over 5 years, Tom is passionate about teaching storytelling to students of all career paths and skill levels.