8 & 12 Week Photography Intensives

Spend 8 or 12 weeks in Rockport this summer attending Master Classes and workshops while working one-on-one with a mentor from our resident Faculty. This curriculum is completely customizable, students may choose from any of Maine-based workshops offered in 2018. This intensive is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to explore and develop their artistic vision. Students may elect to concentrate their work solely in one field, or design a program that encompasses interests in a variety of areas.

Six Week New Media Workstudy

In just six weeks learn how to combine the different elements of documentary storytelling and create in depth multimedia pieces. Understand how to develop, create, and design multimedia pieces that showcase a deep understanding of audio, DSLR capture, smartphone capture, and photography. Each week focus on different aspects of multimedia storytelling through technical lectures and demonstrations. Work collaboratively and independently, utilizing these skills in short, in-class exercises as well as stories on the topics of your own choosing. Throughout the six weeks we will work in the classroom and in the field to connect with the local community and begin developing unique stories that will be pursued in-depth.

Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling (Maine Media College)

The Professional Certificate in Visual Storytelling program at Maine Media Workshops + College is an interdisciplinary and immersive 30-week program in the art and craft of visual storytelling. Students aspiring to careers as artists and working professionals in the world of media arts become fluent in multiple forms of visual media in order to effectively tell a story – whether it is one of personal expression, documentary journalism, social advocacy, or fictional narrative. The Maine Media Workshops + College Professional Certificate program is designed to graduate visual storytellers with the skills, vision, experience, and knowledge needed to build a career in the evolving field of media arts.

Header Image Credit:  Shane  Srogi