Discover what makes the Steadicam camera stabilization system unique in this comprehensive workshop.

In this unique and intense advanced Steadicam workshop students will learn to interpret a script in visual terms based on the director’s vision, the DP’s requirements and the editor’s needs.  They will learn the “language of Steadicam” and how to properly employ it to produce riveting images that enhance the narrative.

Through lectures, instructor demonstrations, videos and multiple exercises, students will gain practical experience in using the equipment as they are introduced to the technical skills, set etiquette and the aesthetic vision required to become a professional Steadicam operator.

Students will spend most of their time performing actual Steadicam shots based upon knowledge they’ve gained in this workshop regarding SETUP and BALANCE, VEST, ARM and RIG ADJUSTMENTS, WALKING and RUNNING, PANNING, BOOMING AND TILTING, POV’S and WHIP PANS, TRACKING, LOW/HIGH MODE, STAIRS, VEHICLE MOUNTING and much more.

Additional instructors work with participants in small teams using several different Steadicam and camera combinations.

The week culminates with the shooting of a long and complex dramatic scripted scene.

This workshop is taught at a professional level but students from all levels of experience may participate.



"I came here ready for an intense, thorough Steadicam experience. I left with all of the tools and confidence I need to start working"
- Tony Schultz, Encino, CA

"Intense week, fun, creative"
- Enrique Moya, Miami, FL

"Coming to this workshop was one of the best decisions I made. Paul Taylor was great."
- Sena Amengor, Sarasota, FL

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Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor works out of Los Angeles and has been teaching Steadicam workshops for 15 of his 25 years in the motion picture and television industry. In addition to Steadicam operating his career path includes working as an award-winning editor, director of photography and 3D stereographer.

His multi faceted entertainment industry background has given him the tools to create an advanced Steadicam workshop unlike any other. The unique teaching methods he developed and the comprehensive production information he shares have proved invaluable to the careers of almost a thousand Steadicam operators.

He has contributed Steadicam shots to motion pictures such as: Adaptation, That Thing You Do, Virtuosity and Being John Malkovich.

Commercials such as:  Coca-Cola, DKNY, Levis, Clairol, McDonalds and Nike.

Television shows include:  House MD, NYPD Blue, Star Trek–TNG,  Nip&Tuck, Cold Case.

Music videos include:  Michael Jackson, Bjork, Macy Gray, Keith Urban, Usher, Rihanna, Adam Levine and Lady Gaga.

Specialty work includes IMAX films and stereoscopic 3D motion pictures.

From one of Paul's students:

"Coming to the workshop was one of the best decisions I made.  Paul Taylor was great."
- Sena Amengor, Sarasota, FL


Course Dates

Jul 9 to Jul 15
Sep 10 to Sep 16



Class Size