An intense six-week course in film and video production for new filmmakers

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This six-week course is for anyone who is interested in filmmaking but has yet to make their first serious film. While covering the same content as the Four-Week Film School, students work an average of 12 hours each week on campus to cover the cost of their room and board. Rooms and baths are shared.  Meals included weekly from Sunday dinner through Saturday breakfast.

By combining formal classroom lectures and theory with practical, hands-on fieldwork, critiques and projects, students learn the entire filmmaking process from screenwriting to pre-production to filming, directing, and post-production. Students explore scene structure, storyboarding, budgeting, location scouting, equipment selection, crew positions, directing and interviewing techniques, continuity, composition, lighting, and editing. Projects and exercises are shot on HD cameras using professional lighting and sound packages. Films are edited and completed on Apple's Final Cut Pro X non-linear editing software.

This course addresses cinematic storytelling and the technical aspects of production necessary for making a wide variety of media productions while also looking at career roles available in filmmaking.

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