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Branded content is now the way of communicating with consumers. Short stories using product-placement, testimonials and re-creations are becoming the standard for selling an idea or merchandise. Creative filmmaking knowledge is key to make these short films effective. This hands-on workshop is for directors, producers, agency executives and all creatives who want to gain practical experience in creating compelling and effective material. The class screens a variety of films, commercials and branded content, analyzes trends and visual styles, discusses concepts, technology, editing and special effects. The relationships among the director, production company, cinematographer, ad agency and client are explored.

Collectively, students write scripts, draw storyboards, plan visual approaches, cast, scout locations, set up and shoot branded content shorts while learning about blocking, lighting, camera placement and movement by collaborating with fellow students in a cinematography workshop. Students work with an editor to finish the projects and the director's technical and aesthetic choices and decision-making process are critiqued.

The class reviews student reels, and career opportunities. The business of production is discussed in-depth. Students should come prepared with ideas to pitch to the class and ready for long workdays in the classroom and on location. A basic knowledge of camera technique and set etiquette is required.

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