Overcome the technical and creative challenges of location shoots by using a variety of lighting setups.

Mark DawsonFilmmakers often shoot in practical locations which can offer great production value, especially for independent productions that may not have the resources for building large studio sets. But location shoots also pose unique technical and creative challenges. This hands-on workshop is for gaffers, cinematographers, and videographers with previous experience who wish to learn techniques for a variety of lighting setups.

Students work with HMI, tungsten, and fluorescent fixtures for day and night interiors; use lighting and grip equipment to supplement and shape available light for day exteriors; and light night exterior scenes. Students use light meters to help determine exposure, learn about color temperature and the use of gels to correct and balance color, and learn the characteristics of different lighting fixtures and the use of diffusion gels.

The class works in the Sound Stage and travels to residential and commercial locations for tech scouts, determines power requirements and light placement per a director of photography’s shot design and executes the lighting plan. Students work with generators and standard residential power to determine power distribution and metering for proper amperages and voltage. Safe handling of electrical distribution is emphasized.

Throughout the week, students work collaboratively, alternating in the roles of DP, gaffer, key grip, best boy grip and electric, and company grip and electric crew.



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