This workshop serves those interested in a profession as a Grip, Best Boy Grip, Dolly Grip or Key Grip. It is a vocation that offers a daily challenge in your chosen craft in movie making while traveling to exotic lands.

A Grip’s daily responsibility is many jobs. Your equipment, which may include tripods, dollies, tracks, cranes, jibs and static rigs, is constructed with delicate yet very heavy duty parts that require a high level of experience in order to operate and move. Grips assemble this equipment according to particular specifications to push and pull it, mount it or hang it, from a variety of settings. The equipment could be as basic as a tripod, or mounted on a 100 foot camera crane, or hanging from a helicopter above a mountain range.

Grips must have excellent up-to-date knowledge of all camera-support equipment. They should be enthusiastic about mechanics and assembling equipment, and have a passion for finding creative solutions to technical problems. This workshop explores the role of the Grip and their responsibilities in working with the Director of Photography and the Director in assessing the technical demands of the film and choosing the right equipment and crew for the storyline.

Students will discuss the structure of the grip department, gaining an appreciation for the need to be flexible and highly adaptable as locations, crews and working conditions are constantly changing. Through lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on collaboration students learn to rig static mounts for a film production, lay basic track and rig and operate the Chapman and/or the JL Fischer camera dollies, as well as rig gear and camera fluid head systems. The student will then track the camera dolly.

Students will learn to effectively ensure that the camera moves, in any set-up, are as seamless as possible. Emphasis will be placed on students fully understanding health and safety issues in order to ensure their own actions reduce risk and contribute to a safe working environment. This workshop will continually affirm proper Set Etiquette throughout the course of the week.

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