Learn fundamental techniques and aesthetic possibilities for cinema-style production using digital motion picture cameras.

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As more productions go digital, cinematographers, DPs and videographers use digital cameras to achieve aesthetic results previously only available by shooting film. This course for emerging cinematographers and videographers highlights the advantages of using digital technology, and addresses the challenges and limitations of various digital formats.

The class discusses aesthetic possibilities of shooting with DSLRs and digital cinema cameras, how to achieve a filmic look and when visual style is appropriate to the story as well as how to set up cameras, use on-board menus to maximize image quality and achieve different looks. Students learn the characteristics of different sensor sizes and how depth-of-field is affected, CCD versus CMOS sensors and the advantages and challenges of working with each.

Through demonstrations and exercises in lighting narrative scenes, the class covers the special requirements of lighting for digital cameras, using light meters to achieve correct exposure, working with the camera’s dynamic range, balancing and correcting mixed lighting sources, and calibrating video monitors to accurately display images. The course also provides an introduction to the digital workflow and post-production process, and output options for the finished video.


"This course was a great follow up to Basic Cinematography. I can't wait to get shooting again back home"
- Luke Hudgins, Halifax, Nova Scotia

"Maine Media Workshops really created an atmosphere that's extremely conducive to learning many new skill sets for this industry"
- Joel Evens, Franklin, TN

"This course really opened my eyes to the world of cinematography and production lighting"
- Jason Norris, Hampton, VA

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