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NOTE: While a wide selection of 2021 programming is live on the website, we will still regularly be adding additional courses to the schedule. So check back for new offerings.

JAN 9–10 |  2-Day DSLR & Mirrorless Video (Online) with Tom Ryan
JAN 9 |  1-Day Adobe Premiere (Online) with Alex Burnett
JAN 11–15 |  The Director’s Craft (Online) with Peter Werner
JAN 11–15 |  Production Sound Mixing (Online) with Mark Ulano, CAS
JAN 11–15 |  The Video Memoir (Online) with Lawrence Hott
JAN 12–MAR 2 |  Film History: The New Wave to Now (Online) with Kenneth James
JAN 16 |  1-Day DaVinci Resolve (Online) with David Martinez
JAN 16–17 |  2-Day iPhone Filmmaking (Online) with Anna Graham
JAN 16–APR 3 |  Editing the Series/Editando las Series (Online) (En Español) with Luis Zerón
JAN 23 |  1-Day GoPro Cinematography & Color Grading (Online) with David Martinez
JAN 25–29 |  Story Structure & Character Development (Online) with Wayne Beach
JAN 30–31 |  2-Day Lighting Basics (Online)
JAN 30 |  1-Day DSLR Video Basics (Online)
FEB 1–5 |  Adobe Premiere (Online) with Alex Burnett
FEB 6–7 |  2-Day Advanced DSLR & Mirrorless Video (Online)
FEB 6-7  |  2-Day Pro Tools (Online) with Walter Clissen
FEB 8–12 |  Adobe After Effects (Online)
MAR 13–14 |  2-Day DSLR & Mirrorless Video (Online)
MAR 13–14 |  Noir Winter Weekend (Online) with Kenneth James
MAR 13 |  1-Day Adobe Premiere (Online) with Alex Burnett
MAR 20–21 |  2-Day DaVinci Resolve (Online) with David Martinez
MAR 27–28 |  2-Day Lighting Basics (Online)
MAY 3-7 |  Nonfiction DSLR & Mirrorless Cinema (Online) with David Martinez
JUN 7-11 |  Adobe Premiere (Online) with Alex Burnett
JUN 14-18 |  Adobe After Effects (Online) 

JAN 7–FEB 4  |  The Personal Project: From Concept to Completion (Online) with Susan Burnstine
JAN 9–10  |  2-Day The Historic Process Portfolio Review (Online) with Brenton Hamilton
JAN 9–10, 16–17  |  Finding the Words: Writing About Your Work (Online) with Kat Kiernan
JAN 16–17 |  The Collage Weekend: Making Pictures (Online) with Brenton Hamilton
JAN 18–22 |  The Color of Light (Online) with Arthur Meyerson
JAN 23 |  1-Day Introduction to the Cyanotype (Online) with Brenton Hamilton
JAN 27–FEB 24  |  Diving Deeper: How to Move a Project Forward (Online) with Jennifer McClure
FEB 4, 11  |  2-Day: Creating Opportunities for your Work (Online) with Sherri Littlefield
FEB 6–7  |  2-Day Introduction to the Hand-Colored Photograph (Online) 
with Laurie Klein
FEB 6–7  |  2-Day The Importance of Self Critiques (Online) with Connie Imboden
FEB 15–26  |  Digital Collage and Painting (Online) with Susan Bloom
FEB 22-26  |  Oz to Kansas: The Black and White on Black and White Conversions (Online) with Vincent Versace
FEB 22–MAR 22  |  Developing Portfolios and Projects (Online) with Karen Marshall
MAR 18, 25  |  2-Day: Creating Opportunities for your Work (Online) with Sherri Littlefield
APR 5-MAY 3  |  Finding Your Vision: A Survey of Contemporary Photography (Online) with Susan Burnstine
APR 27-MAY 25  |  The Creative Portrait (Online) with Rania Matar


JAN 4–15  |  Live Storytelling: Learn from a Moth Performer & Bestselling Author (Online) with Annabelle Gurwitch
JAN 12–MAR 2  |  2-Day the Stuff of Memoir: Mining Personal Artifacts and Journals to Write Your Story (Online) with Anita Verna Crofts
JAN 19–MAR 30  |  The Poetic Craft: In Pursuit of a More Passionate Syntax (Online) with Kevin Pilkington


DEC 5-JAN 16  |  Seasonal Observations: Winter Walking Journal (Online)  with Éireann Lorsung

JAN 12, 14  | 2-Day Adobe InDesign (Online)
with David Allen
JAN 17  |  Studio Visit with Children’s Book Author/Illustrator Lucky Platt (Online) with Lucky Platt
JAN 19–28 Tues/Thurs | Adobe InDesign: Digital Design for Publication (Online) with David Allen
JAN 23–24  |  2-Day Design in the Details: Page Adaptations & Variations (Online) with Stephanie Wolff
FEB 1, 5  |  2-Day Shrigley Binding (Online) with Erin Fletcher
FEB 2–11 Tues/Thurs  | Introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Vector Graphics (Online) with David Allen
FEB 2–MAR 30  |  Write and Illustrate a Children’s Picture Book for Self-Publishing (Online) with Lucky Platt
FEB 3–MAR 24  |  Creating Beyond the Frame: Photo-based Printmaking in Layers (Online) with Jari Pulin
FEB 4, 11  |  2-Day Relief Collagraphs and Star Books (Online) with Rebecca Goodale
FEB 23–MAR 4 
Tues/Thurs  |  Self-Publishing Photo Books with Blurb in Lightroom (Online) with David Allen

MAR 6  |  1-Day Introduction to the Photographic Object (Online) with Dawn Surratt
MAR 9, 11  |
 2-Day Adobe Bridge (Online)  with David Allen
MAR 16, 18  |  2-Day Adobe InDesign (Online) with David Allen
MAR 20–APR 10  |  Seasonal Observations: A Springtime Gathering (Online) with Éireann Lorsung
MAR 23–APR 1 Tues/Thurs  | Adobe InDesign: Digital Design for Publication (Online) with David Allen
APR 6-15 Tues/Thurs  | Self-Publishing Photo Books with Blurb in Lightroom (Online) with David Allen
MAY 4, 6  |  2-Day Adobe Bridge (Online)  with David Allen
MAY 11, 13  |
 2-Day Adobe InDesign (Online) with David Allen
JUN 1-10 Tues/Thurs  | Introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Vector Graphics (Online) with David Allen
JUN 15-24
Tues/Thurs  | Self-Publishing Photo Books with Blurb in Lightroom (Online) with David Allen