Elevate the presentation of a photographic body of work by learning how to make a handmade photographic book

A handmade photographic book is far more than a compilation of images; it becomes a deeply personal, interactive, fine art object. This course is perfect for photographers who want to explore book arts as a way to present their photographic work.

Under Eliot Dudik’s guidance, each student will make a handmade, hardcover book from start to finish--sequencing, printing, and binding. In the first few days, students will learn to conceptualize a plan for their book through class discussions on sequencing and brief lectures on various bookbinding techniques. Once students are ready to execute their plan, the class will move into hands-on demos and focused studio work time.  Students will also learn how to develop a print layout based on the sequence of their images. Ultimately, students will learn how to take a group of images and transform them into a beautiful, cohesive, handmade book.

This course is designed to be paired with Eliot’s photographic class, A Sense of Place, the week prior. Combining the two courses will allow students to make a body of work rooted in the mid-coast Maine landscape that they use to make a Handmade Photographic Book. This will provide students with a deeper understanding of how to effectively sequence and edit a group of images and allow students to further explore the origins and possibilities for photographic book projects. 


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