Photography Program Director

The Photography Program Director oversees the development, administration and implementation of MMW + C’s extensive Photography Program. This position is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with faculty, program advisors, and industry sponsors.  This position includes managing all Photo/Digital Staff in the Studio, B&W Lab, Student Darkrooms, and Digital Service Department. 

Other responsibilities include: recruiting and evaluating new faculty, responding to student inquiries and interviewing potential students, developing new programs and courses, hiring, orientating and managing seasonal staff, working with the Program Coordinator and staff to prepare for courses, scheduling and supervising Teaching Assistants, working with the Faculty Services & Hospitality Liaison, working with the Film / Multimedia Program Manager to develop and produce coordinated programming, processing and reviewing student evaluations, trouble shooting day-to-day student and faculty issues.

Managerial responsibilities

  • sets an example for the photography department that encourages professionalism, enthusiasm and a quality-focused environmen
  • plans, schedules and develops communications for more than 150 workshops each year
  • is responsible for hiring and managing the Photography program staff
  • is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of photography and digital workshops, College and community programs including planning, scheduling and hiring, stewardship and evaluation of all faculty.
  • is responsible for managing  PIC (Precision Imaging Competition) and participating in bi-annual MMW + C contests.
  • participates in the Job Fair to recruit, interview, assess, check references and hire candidates
  • works with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Director of Finance to develop and manage operational and capital budgets for the Photography Program and courses

Teaching / educational responsibilities

  • teaches at least 12 credits per year in the Professional Certificate (PC) Program
  • collaborates with the Vice President of Academic Affairs and other faculty in the development of the curriculum for the long term programs
  • serves on appropriate College committees
  • recruits and communicates with Photography Program applicants
  • reviews and evaluates Photography Program applications

Full-time, year round, health insurance, dental insurance, FSA, life insurance, paid time off

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