February 14, 2014

Maine Media Workshops + College announced their summer programs for 2014 this week! Their new catalog cover features a stunning large format image by Greg Miller and is in the mail to over 50,000 people who have taken workshops in the past or expressed interest in doing so in the future. The Vox Photo blog, written by Heather Frederick, noted how different the catalog is this year when she said…” something is happening in Rockport.  MMW is focusing huge amounts of new energy on film-making and book arts, as well as all of their classic workshop offerings. Very impressive and for Maine, a major leap forward for us all. The place is smokin.”

Highlights in the 2014 line-up include a new 8-week program in the essentials of film production and a new 8-week version of their very popular cinematography intensive. Both programs are meant for emerging filmmaking professionals looking to get the hands-on experience to work on set for major motion pictures. Just a few of the industry leaders coming in to teach in these programs include Steve Fierberg, Love and Other Drugs, Entourage |Andi Isaacs, Twilight | Mo Flam, The English Patient.

Of course, Maine Media continues to offer the hundreds of one-day to one-week workshops they are known for in photography and filmmaking. The caliber and breadth of the instructors attracted to the Maine coast each year by this institution is truly surprising.  From National Geographic photographers to Oscar-winning sound engineers, visual media professionals come from around the world to share their knowledge in the beautiful, intense, and focused environment Maine Media provides.

Maine Media Workshops has also been heavily investing in their Young Artists program for teen photographers, filmmakers, actors, and designers. Renovations have finished on the dedicated residence hall for the teen summer program. More talented professional instructors are coming to teach this year then ever before. The program has grown nearly 30% since 2012 and MMW is expecting as much or more growth this year.

For more information about the momentum that is building in the Midcoast, or to request imagery or see video footage of workshops in process, do not hesitate to email or call Karin Leuthy, Maine Media Workshops + College, kleuthy@mainemedia.edu, 207-236-8581 Ext. 351

Founded in 1973, Maine Media Workshops + College is a non-profit, non-traditional school that provides experiential education for students of all skill levels in film, photography, writing, multimedia, and design.

www.mainemedia.edu | 877.577.7700 (toll free)

A high-res iamge of our catalog cover can be found below. If used please credit as follows: cover image © Greg Miller