Date Revised: September 2016

The process of photographing a model during a course is a collaborative effort of everyone involved with the class. Students working with models are asked to follow the policies of the College as outlined here. The College does not support or provide blanket model releases and instructs models hired by the college to not sign blanket releases if asked. It is the photographer’s responsibility to work with each model, develop a rapport, build trust and establish a line of communication. Should an image be worthy of publication, the student must first contact the model(s) for written permission for each specific image.

An ethical approach should be applied when working with talent, in order to demonstrate professionalism and to provide an effective atmosphere for all participants to achieve the best quality of work. Instructors, fellow students, the talent, visitors, College and Workshops staff, and any person involved with or in the area of the photo shoot, film production, rehearsal or other areas where the talent and the imagemakers are working are expected to adhere to the harassment policy as detailed in this Handbook.

Complete versions of the Model and Talent policies are available in the program offices.