Date Revised: September 2016

Maine Media College provides resident students, registered for one or more classes, with 24-Hour Accident medical insurance through United States Fire Insurance Company. This is accident only coverage.  Benefits are not payable for loss due to sickness.  The policy pays benefits for specific losses from accidents only.  The coverage is excess over any other valid and collectible insurance a student may have.  However, even if a student is covered under other insurance, this plan will cover unpaid balances, deductibles and those eligible expenses not covered by other insurance.  If there is no other coverage, this program pays on a Primary basis up to the limits of the policy.

If a student receives medical attention for an accidental injury, he/she must bring the medical provider’s bill to the business office in Haas.  A student is required to complete an insurance claim form, which will be submitted, along with the bill, to USFIC. USFIC will pay the provider directly.

If the provider requires that a student pay the bill at the time of medical treatment, a copy of the bill from the provider must be obtained in order to file a claim for reimbursement from USFIC.  A student must bring the bill to the business office in Haas, complete a claim form, indicating to what address the reimbursement should sent, and the claim will be submitted to the insurance company.

Please note: The medical bill or a copy of it – not a statement of services – must accompany the claim. Without the bill, the claim will not be processed.

Details of insurance coverage:
Benefit Period: 52 weeks from the date of an injury, provided the injury occurs prior to the expiration date and care is medically necessary.

If, within 30 days from the date of a covered injury, the Insured shall receive (under the care of a licensed physician) any of the following medical services, the Company will pay the reasonable and Customary Expenses actually incurred within 52 weeks from the date of first treatment for such covered injury up to the following respective limits, but not to exceed in the aggregate the medical expense of $25,000.00.

For a complete copy of the accident policy please see the business office.
Health Insurance Information –
Students who are interested in purchasing more comprehensive health insurance coverage can contact Allen Financial Group in Camden at 207-236-8376 for information.