Date Revised: March 2020

College Administration
The President is responsible for the operation and administration of MMC, including efficient and effective budget and program administration, leading the College to accomplish its educational mission, monitoring educational and financial performance, and serving as the college’s key spokesperson. The President reports regularly to the Board of Directors on the affairs of the College. The President supervises the senior staff: Provost, the Director of Finance and Administration, the Registrar, the MFA Program Chair, Director of Marketing, Development Coordinator and the Information Technology Manager.

The Provost is the chief academic administrator for the college and oversees and evaluates all of its programs. The Provost conducts regular assessments of programs in regard to their compliance with academic standards and the goals and objectives of the College outlined in its literature. The person in this position is responsible for oversight of accreditation processes and maintenance of accreditation standards. Jointly, the Provost and the President establish those committees necessary to conduct the academic business of the College and evaluate their performance. The Provost works with other administrators to maintain appropriate documentation of student and faculty records. The Provost reports directly to the President of the College.

Professional Certificate (PC) Faculty
The PC Faculty consists of all faculty who teach in the PC program, as well the President and Provost of the College. The PC Faculty meet three times each trimester to discuss student progress, special issues and College policies. The Provost, or designee, sets the agenda, convenes and runs the meetings. The composition of the PC Faculty may change each trimester depending upon the make-up of Adjunct Faculty in the program. The PC Faculty have no governance responsibilities but may refer any issues to the Academic Standards Committee. Minutes of these meetings, and copies, are filed in the Provost’s office.

Professional Certificate (PC) Curricular Faculty
The PC Curricular Faculty are full-time employees of the school. Because these faculty may have other responsibilities within the organization, they may have varying credit loads. The PC Curricular Faculty review and evaluate curriculum each year based upon student and faculty course evaluations as well as upon changes with the individual disciplines.

Professional Certificate (PC) Program Chairs
Each area of specialization within the PC program has a Chair. The President appoints Chairs. Program Chairs are responsible for overseeing the admission and recruitment process for prospective students. PC program Chairs serve as the primary advisor for students enrolled in their area of specialization. This includes student grievances, academic warnings, in addition to advising students in the successful completion of all program requirements.

Professional Certificate (PC) Adjunct Faculty
The PC Adjunct Faculty are hired to teach individual courses within the PC program.

Professional Certificate (PC) Admissions Committee
The PC Admission Committee meets as needed to determine admission into the PC program. The makeup of the Committee varies depending upon the discipline. Admission into the PC program adheres to the following procedure. The Chair of each program, in conjunction with the Provost and the Registrar, is responsible for logging-in and organizing all applications. The Chair and Curricular Faculty in each program will determine acceptances into each individual program. In the case of there not being any resident faculty in a particular program, decisions will be made by all the program chairs. Admission into each discipline of the PC program is determined by the majority vote of the Admissions Committee for each area. The Program Chair of the applicable discipline determines tie votes. This committee consists of the following: PC Program Chairs, Provost, and PC Curricular Faculty.

Academic Standards Committee
The Academic Standards Committee is responsible for ensuring that all curricular programs at Maine Media College are consistent with its mission and goals. The Academic Standards Committee meets annually in February of each year or on an ad hoc basis if there are issues or recommended changes to address. The Academic Standards Committee is chaired by the Provost and includes all program heads and one MFA Faculty Member appointed annually by the MFA Steering Committee. In matters concerning the MFA that have implications pertaining to broader, institutional goals, the Academic Standards Committee is consulted to ensure that such changes to MFA program objectives, policies, and procedures emerging from MFA Committee meetings are aligned with institutional goals. Generally, changes that are not substantial are simply reported to the Academic Standards Committee.

Financial Aid Committee
The Financial Aid Committee meets as needed to determine the awarding of financial aid to MMC students. A quorum is formed when a majority of members are present and decisions are made by majority vote. The Provost decides tie votes. The members of the Financial Aid Committee consist of the following: College President, Registrar, Director of Finance and Administration, Provost, the MFA Program Chair and PC Program Chairs are consulted as appropriate.