Date Revised: September 2016

Participation in class is not only important to growth and success as a student, but to fellow students’ growth and success as well. Any absence diminishes the learning environment of the class. Any lateness interrupts class, creates ill will among others, and reduces the effectiveness of the class.

Each faculty member has a specific policy regarding attendance and tardiness for class that may be more stringent than the College’s policy. None are less stringent. A student must read each class syllabus to find out what the instructor’s specific policy is regarding absences and tardiness.

Students are responsible for notifying the instructor in advance of missed classes. There are no excused absences. Any absence may affect grades. It is the policy of the College that after two absences per course in each term any additional absence results in the loss of a full letter grade and a possible Academic Warning.

Faculty members may also count non-participation in class discussions, projects and homework as absenteeism, which will affect overall grades and may lead to Academic Warnings and Academic Probation.