Director of Programs

UPDATED:  April 2022
JOB CLASS: Exempt, Year-round, Full-time
REPORTS TO:  Provost
COMPENSATION: $45,000 annual salary, plus benefits

The Director of Programs is an experienced manager with a broad knowledge of program management principles. They must have a strategic mindset as well as be an effective leader. They are responsible for the administration and implementation of MMW + C’s extensive workshop programs, intensives, and all delivery models (on campus and online) in accordance with the strategic plan. This position directly interfaces with the Registrar, Director of Finance, Human Resources & Business Manager. They coordinate with the IT Coordinator and Facilities Manager, manage multiple program departments, and seasonal staff to support the smooth and efficient operations of on campus and online workshop programs. They collaborate with the Provost and program managers / chairs to develop and maintain relationships with administration, support staff, and industry sponsors. Coordinates with Provost and program chairs on support and integration of certificate and degree programs.

Coordinating with program chairs, program managers, program coordinator, IT Assistant and Facilities Manager, regarding workshops, intensives and long – term programs to ensure smooth workflow and implementation of all programming (on campus and online).

  • This includes:
    • Classroom and facilities scheduling
    • Overseeing management of online programming (Zoom accounts)
    • Overseeing classroom prep and set up
    • Overseeing IT set up, design and support for classes
    • Managing staff in all programs related departments
    • Integration of program design for courses (as it relates to facilities and functionality of systems)
    • Reviews and approves all workshop syllabi to ensure they address course goals and objectives and are pertinent to programmatic goals and purposes.
    • Ensures programs and facilities are in compliance with state and NECHE regulations and standards
    • Responsible for implementing, reviewing, and overseeing all evaluation systems as related to academic programs
  • Supervises the Program Coordinator and Program Assistant to facilitate all faculty outreach for class preparation including faculty contracts
  • Provide leadership to program staff
  • Chair weekly Production Meetings for programs
  • Coordinate with Program Chairs to develop certificate program schedules
  • Working with the Faculty Services & Hospitality Liaison to coordinate faculty travel and housing
  • Orienting and on-boarding workshop faculty
  • Hiring, and orienting seasonal staff, in conjunction with MMW + C annual training, policies and procedures
  • Setting an example and ensuring that seasonal staff understand expectations for teamwork, professionalism, enthusiasm, creating a welcoming environment, and embodying our core values.
  • Providing training for all program related staff in all programs to ensure faculty and students are adhering to professional set safety & etiquette protocols.
  • Collaborating with the Provost and the Director of Finance to develop operational and capital budgets
  • Responsible for managing expenses to meet the annual budget


  • Program Coordinator
  • Program Assistant(s)
  • Program / Production Interns
  • Film Program Manager
  • Locations & Talent Coordinator
  • Digital Services Department Manager
  • B&W Darkroom Manager
  • Teaching Assistants (for all programs)


  • BA degree preferred.
  • Minimum 2-5 years work experience in arts related non-profit preferred.


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Leadership / Management experience
  • Ability to work collaboratively as member of team
  • Arts education / administrative experience
  • Attention to detail and project management skills
  • Understanding of and commitment to best practices in photography, filmmaking, book arts and production for safety and set etiquette
  • Familiarity with software tools such as excel, word, power point, google docs, zoom
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and other creative source software related to media arts
  • Ability to work with content management system (Salesforce) on the web and social media.

MMW+C is a thriving community of individuals who work together and strive to educate and inspire visual artists and storytellers to achieve their creative potential. MMW + C is an inclusive, welcoming community, committed to the values of diversity of thought, culture, background, and perspective to create educational experiences that foster global communication.