Teaching Assistant: Photography/Digital

Start Date: Varies  End Date: Varies
Compensation: $525 weekly & meals when campus kitchen is serving.
Number of openings: 05
Updated: March 2022
Job Class: Exempt, Temporary, Full-time
Reports to: Programs Department
Note: All information subject to change.

The responsibilities of this position are carried out under the guidance of the Programs Department. This individual must have experience in one of the fields listed below, a strong technical background, and the capability to work well with groups of people in a fast paced and demanding educational environment. Teaching Assistants (TA) must be able to support participants and instructors in logistical and technical matters. The individual must be well organized, responsible, personable, dependable, a creative problem solver and above all else respectful.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or equivalent in their field (hold or currently pursuing one)
  • Portfolio of work representing your style and conceptual ideas
  • Knowledge of and experience with Macintosh computers and software
  • Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere software experience is necessary
  • Ability to troubleshoot technical issues with various camera systems


Digital Photography & Digital Printing

  • Experience assisting photographers and/or freelance photographic work
  • Experience with Epson Printers
  • Knowledge of Canon camera systems as well as Sony, Fuji and, Canon mirrorless systems
  • Experience assisting photographers and/or freelance photographic work
  • Black & White Darkroom experience
  • Experience with studio lighting

Alternative Processes

  • Extensive experience with Alternative Processes (a body of work demonstrating this will be necessary)

Young Artist Academy

  • Previous experience with High School courses/students is preferred
  • Experience assisting photographers and/or freelance photographic work
  • Experience with Epson printers
  • Black & White Darkroom experience

Each TA is assigned to one course per week. It is the job of the TA to keep the instructor on schedule while assisting the students and instructor with any issues or needs that arise as the class progresses – it’s all about creative problem solving.

The week’s schedule is created by the instructor and should be followed and kept on track by the TA, leaving room for happy accidents and amazing opportunities. Standard Maine Media operational policies are to be enforced in addition to meeting the needs of the instructor’s agenda.