Digital Services Department Technician

Start Date:  6/6/2022  End Date: 8/26/2022
Compensation: $14/hourly & meals when campus kitchen is serving.
Number of openings: 01
Updated: March 2022
Job Class: Non-exempt, Temporary, Full-time
Reports to: Digital Services Department Manager
(Note: All information subject to change.)

The responsibilities of this position are carried out under the guidance of the Digital Services Department Manager. The DSD Tech must have the capability to work well with groups of people and in one-on-one situations. The individual must be well organized, responsible, personable, dependable, a creative problem solver and above all else respectful. The position will work closely with the Digital Services Department Staff processing / scanning / contacting / printing student work, providing hardware and software technical support to digital classes, maintaining Digital Services Department equipment and inventory and communicating the DSD policies.

This position requires experience in a commercial print lab, color management, communication skills and a flexible work schedule with nighttime and weekend hours. Evening slide show presentation attendance may be necessary to provide digital support on Monday and Tuesday evenings. 

• Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or equivalent in their field (hold or currently pursuing one)
• Experience with calibration software for monitors, smart TV’s and projectors
• Experience assisting photographers and/or freelance photographic work
• Ability to troubleshoot technical issues with various camera systems
• Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere software experience is necessary
• Portfolio of work representing your style and conceptual ideas
• Extensive knowledge of Epson Printers
• Proficiency in using Color Management Software
• Knowledge of different digital paper types
• Customer Service Experience
• Knowledge of and experience with Macintosh computers and software
• Familiarity with Windows systems and software |

This position requires both camera and lens knowledge. The DSD Tech will assist students in their selection of lens/camera body combinations for use in their classes. This position provides the opportunity to connect with every student and instructor that comes to the Maine Media campus; you work with all the fabulous equipment, so everyone wants to talk to you! You will also assist students and instructors with paper type suggestions; we carry a wide variety of paper types and encourage students to experiment with them. While this is an important and busy position, we encourage you to take advantage of your time here and make work, participate in lectures and portfolio sharing.