Digital Services Department Manager

Title: Digital Services Department Manager
Start Date:  6/6/2022  End Date: 10/28/2022
Compensation: $15/hourly & meals when campus kitchen is serving.
Number of openings: 01
Updated: February 2022
Job Class: Non-exempt, Temporary, Full-time
Reports to: Director of Programs(Note: All information subject to change.

The responsibilities of this position are carried out under the guidance of the Director of Programs. The DSD Manager must have the capability to work well with groups of people and in one-on-one situations as well as be able to delegate tasks, which is extremely important. The individual must be well organized, responsible, personable, dependable, a creative problem solver and above all else respectful.

The DSD Manager will work closely with the Director of Programs on ordering and distributing all supplies for courses, repairing equipment, creating and setting policies for the Digital Services Department to be followed throughout the season.

The Digital Services Department Manager oversees the Digital Services Department Staff in the image processing, contacting, scanning and printing of student and instructor work. The manager works with all instructors and meets with classes each Monday morning to discuss rules and regulations of the Digital Services Department (DSD).  The manager is responsible for training the DSD staff, scheduling staff hours, ordering supplies, and maintaining the printing systems both in the DSD and in classrooms. The DSD Manager works with the Media Team to prepare student images for the weekly celebration of work.

The DSD is responsible for equipment inventory, all equipment checkout and appropriate return, as well as working with the IT department to schedule calibrating classroom computer monitors and flat panel teaching displays each week. This position will involve working evenings and weekends and requires excellent organization and communication skills. The DSD Technician will assist the DSD Manager.

• Bachelor of Fine Arts degree or equivalent in their field (hold or currently pursuing one)
• Experience assisting photographers and/or freelance photographic work
• Ability to troubleshoot technical issues with various camera systems
• Photoshop/Lightroom/Premiere software experience is necessary
• Experience with calibration software for monitors and television displays
• Portfolio of work representing your style and conceptual ideas
• Extensive knowledge of Epson Printers
• Proficiency in using Color Management Software
• Knowledge of different digital paper types
• Microsoft Office Experience is necessary
• Experience with audio / visual presentations including Keynote and Powerpoint
• Customer Service Experience
• Knowledge of and experience with Macintosh computers and software
• Familiarity with Windows systems and software

While this position carries great responsibilities it also provides the most rewards. The DSD Manager position is one of few that afford the opportunity to meet and spend  time with each instructor teaching here at MMW. You will work with both Photography and Filmmaking instructors on reserving specific equipment, providing support with technical issues as well as assisting with weekly presentations. The DSD Manager will work closely with the Film Technical Department on equipment and technical needs.