September 16, 2017 to September 17, 2017

Working with Galleries - 2-day workshop in NYC

An intensive two-day workshop for photographers, on working with fine art galleries

In this intensive two-day workshop (held in NYC), participants will be provided with an invaluable overview of the business of the fine art photograph. The workshop will be led by Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching, owners of the Klompching Gallery in Brooklyn, New York. It is specifically appropriate for fine art photographers, ready to take the next step in their career, by obtaining gallery representation—and being appropriately tooled up to ensure the gallery/artist relationship is a successful one.

The two-day workshop consists of formal presentations, hands-on exercises and group critiques/discussion, dealing with the key fundamentals to successfully gain representation, and then how to successfully fulfill the obligations of the artist/gallery collaboration. Throughout the workshop, participants are encouraged to ask questions—no question is too big or too small. The workshop requires that participants bring along the following assets:

  • A completed portfolio of exhibition-ready, sale-ready photographs
  • Drafted or completed Artist and Project Statements
  • Accessible website
  • Laptop for undertaking exercises: word/pages and excel/numbers will be used
  • Examples of current branding/promotional materials

Workshop location:

Klompching Gallery

89 Water Street

Brooklyn, NY 11201

212 796 2070

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