240.037 – Graduates Technology Checklist

Updated: June 2020

Keep your eye on the account expiration deadline

✓ Keep the data you’ve accumulated as a student
You’ve got a limited amount of time to migrate the data you’ve accumulated as a student. Your Maine Media accounts, including email, Google Drive, will be disabled on the date specified when you received your account setup information. Copy and transfer email and Google docs before the deadline. If you want to leave behind any Google docs you own so other collaborators can continue to access them, you must change ownership to another Maine Media account before the deadline. Once your Maine Media account is deleted, your Google Drive files cannot be recovered.

Email Checklist

✓ Copy & transfer your email and Google Drive files
Use Google’s Copy & Transfer tool to copy and transfer your mail and files located in My Drive to a commercial Gmail account. Verify your Gmail account has enough storage to copy & transfer your MMW+C email and docs before starting the copy and transfer. Alternately, you may create and download an archive of your Google products data. For more information, checkout the copy and transfer your Mail and Google Drive files to another Google Account Guide.

✓ Enable vacation responder
Set up a vacation responder to automatically notify people that your MMW+C account will be closing soon, be sure to include an alternate email address. When people send you a message, they’ll receive an email response containing what you’ve written in your auto reply. Here’s how to set up an out of office or vacation reply.

✓ Set up email signature
An email signature is automatically added at the end of email messages as a footer. Add your alternative email address to your MMW+C account’s signature to let people know you have an alternative email address. You can even create and use multiple signatures. Learn how to create a Gmail signature and manage multiple signatures.

✓ Forward your mainemedia.edu email
Email will be forwarded until your account is closed. Existing email will not be forwarded. Learn how to automatically forward Gmail messages to another account.

Google Drive Collaborators

✓ Change ownership of shared Google Drive files
You must change the owner of each individual Google Drive file, not just the folder. Changing the ownership of a folder does not change the ownership of the files stored within. Before changing the owner of Google Drive documents to another MMW+C account, be sure to copy and transfer any documents you want to keep
How to transfer ownership from mainemedia.edu to gmail.com account:
Go to the document or folder.
From the Share menu, select Share…
In the Add people: field, enter a gmail address and select Can edit.
Click Share and save.
Click Yes when the Are you sure? ([email protected] is not in the Google Apps organization that this item belongs to. Are you sure you would like to share with this address?) warning appears.
Go to the gmail account and open the document.
From the File menu, select Make a copy…
When the Copy Document dialog box appears, click OK.
The Copy of filename will be created with the gmail.com account as owner.

More Google Things to Check

✓  Unlink sites or apps you’ve linked with Google
Have you used your MMW+C account to link to third-party services, like social media, music streaming, and online shopping? Learn how to manage third-party sites or apps you’ve linked with Google. View connected accounts and linked accounts.

✓  Update any account with @mainemedia.edu as a username
Have you signed up for Amazon, Apple, AT&T, or other service using your @mainemedia.edu email address as the account login? You’ll want to edit those accounts ASAP.

✓ Take your contacts, too!
Export your contacts to Google CSV format for importing into another email account. Learn how to export contacts and import contacts or create an archive with Google Takeout.

✓ Take an archive of Maps, YouTube, and more
Create an archive with your data from Google products including Google+ Stream, Maps, YouTube and more. Create an archive with Google Takeout