190.190 – Evaluation Procedures

Revised: August 2017

Mentored studio/creative projects – Students receive written evaluations from project mentors at midterm and at end of term. Mentors do not grant credit, however, and the MFA Committee (MFA core faculty and invited guest faculty) must review the projects. Students present completed projects to the MFA community during retreats for critique. Subsequently, the MFA Committee meets to review projects in order to determine credit-worthiness based on the MFA evaluation rubric. The rubric sets forth three possible ratings for each area of evaluation: Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory and Exemplary. Students must achieve a satisfactory or better evaluation in each area for credit to be awarded. The Committee makes recommendations pursuant to this discussion of work to students via their advisors.

Mentored academic projects – MFA core faculty members mentor all academic projects. Mentors provide written evaluations at midterm and end of term. The faculty mentor also grants credit based on student achievement of satisfactory or better evaluations in the areas of the evaluation rubric pertaining to academic work.

Intensives – MFA core faculty members teach all intensives. The instructors determine whether or not the objectives of the intensives are met and if credit should be granted. Intensives are pass/fail.

Workshops – Workshop instructors submit grade sheets to students and the program administrator. Workshop instructors may not grant credit, however, and the MFA Committee must review all work completed in workshops. Work is presented to the Committee for evaluation during retreats and credit is awarded on the same bases that it is for studio/creative projects.