190.170 – Credit Awarding

Revised: August 2017

Credits are awarded on a pass/fail basis. The MFA Committee grants all credits. Mentors, faculty and advisors may only recommend that credit be granted or denied.

In order for studio credit to be granted, a Candidate must present work completed in connection with studio Mentored Projects and Workshops to the MFA Committee for critique during a retreat. A Candidate must submit abstracts, approximately one page in length, of papers completed for academic credit (academic projects).  These must be sent to the program office at least two weeks prior to the start of the retreat. The Candidate’s work is evaluated according to the standards listed below. Additionally, the Candidate must complete and submit written self-evaluations for each mentored project undertaken at mid-semester and at the end of the term. Mentors complete and submit written evaluations of the Candidate’s projects at mid-semester and at the end of the term. Workshop instructors complete grade sheets in evaluation of the Candidate’s efforts in workshops undertaken for credit in the MFA program. Grade sheets are submitted immediately upon completion of these workshops. Blank evaluation forms may be downloaded in PDF form from the College website.

A Candidate not seeking credit for work may present it at a retreat for critique only. The Candidate shall specify on these occasions that they are not seeking credit. A Candidate may not present the same work, or substantially the same work, more than once for credit.