190.120 – Mentored Projects

Revised: August 2017

The majority of credits a Candidate earns are through mentored projects. A Mentored Project for studio or academic credit is closely supervised by a mentor selected by a Candidate.

Students must earn a minimum of 39 graduate credits by successfully completing mentored studio/creative projects. Individual mentored studio/creative projects are typically six credits, although students may elect to undertake three-credit projects when most appropriate as agreed to by students’ advisors. In order to meet federal guidelines for time on task (45 hours per credit), and given the length of our semesters (approximately 21 weeks), students must spend at minimum 14 hours per week on six-credit projects, including time spent in critique with project mentors. Students should expect to confer with project mentors, at minimum, ten hours over the course of the semester.

Students must earn a minimum of 15 graduate credits by successfully completing mentored academic projects. Academic projects are mentored by MFA core faculty members. Individual mentored academic projects are almost always three-credit projects. Students must spend, at minimum, a total of 135 hours on task, including at least five hours conferring with project mentors, over the course of the semester. Other requirements and procedures related to mentored projects are discussed in “Awarding of Credits” and in Guidelines and “Additional Procedures for Mentored Projects”.

Mentors for studio projects may be Maine Media College faculty or qualified individuals who have been approved by the MFA Committee. When choosing a mentor who has not previously been approved by the MFA Committee it is the obligation of a Candidate to have the Mentor submit a CV for approval by the MFA Committee. Mentors for academic projects must be MFA faculty members. A Candidate must complete a Project Proposal form for each Mentored Project indicating the scope and nature of the project.

Mentors provide creative guidance and instruction, critical feedback and procedural advice on the project. Mentors write mid-term and final project evaluations. Other recommendations for project mentors are included in a letter sent to them by the Chair of the MFA Committee. A copy of the letter is in the 250.000 APPENDICES section.

On some projects a Candidate may wish to have more than one mentor. It is common for a Candidate to choose two mentors for the Thesis Project, one mentor for the studio work and another for the written work. A Candidate must list all mentors on the Project Proposal form with the percentage of the mentor fee due to each based on the relative amounts of work each does. In the event that a Candidate’s advisor is a Mentor on a project, another member of the MFA Committee acts as a Candidate’s advisor on that specific project.