190.110 – MFA Retreats

Revised: March 2020

Two MFA retreats are held each year, one in November and the other in May. Retreats begin on Monday evening and end on Sunday morning. A Candidate presents completed studio work to the MFA Committee, guest faculty and peers for critique; meets for individual critiques; consults with his/her advisor to assess progress toward the degree.

A Candidate is expected to attend retreats. Should a Candidate fail to attend two consecutive retreats without prior approval from the MFA Committee, a Candidate is placed on academic probation. Candidates are expected to complete and submit a Retreat Evaluation and critique notes for each of their fellow Candidates. These are due 30 days after the retreat along with the Registration for Credits for the following term. A Candidate attends a total of seven retreats, including the final retreat during which the Candidate presents the thesis project.