190.060 – Registration for Graduate Credit

Revised: September 2015

The program calendar consists of two terms per year, each six months long, beginning with the April and November retreats. By 30 days after each retreat, counted from the Monday following the retreat, a Candidate and their advisor complete and sign a Registration for Graduate Credits form. This form commits a Candidate to a course of study for the coming term. All credits to be earned, started, or carried through the term are to be listed on this form, which is to be signed by a Candidate, advisor, and MFA Chair. Completed Mentored Project proposal forms and/or Workshop proposal forms must accompany the Registration for Credit form. A Candidate must register for each term for which they wish to receive credit toward the completion of the degree.

If a Candidate fails to register for credit for two consecutive terms without prior approval by the MFA Committee, the Candidate is placed on academic probation. A Candidate may not register for credits if they are not current in their payments to the College, or has not established a plan to become current with the Director of Finance and Administration.