190.050 – Initial Retreat & Role of the Advisor

Revised: March 2020

A student formally enrolls in the program when they sign a completed MFA Program Commitment Form and pays a matriculation deposit. During the initial retreat a Candidate is assigned an Advisor with whom they work with over the course of their MFA program. The advisor provides overall supervision and guidance to ensure that the requirements of the degree are fulfilled. An advisor meets with a Candidate during retreats and keeps in touch throughout the year. An advisor also provides assistance selecting mentors, deciding on projects, evaluating credit distribution, and preparing the Registration for Credit forms. More information about the Advisor’s duties is included in the Advising Handbook. The Advising Handbook may be downloaded from the College website.

A Candidate may, at any time, provide the Provost and /or the Chair of the MFA Committee with information regarding an Advisor’s performance, or request a change of Advisor if the Candidate believes they are being underserved and does not believe this problem can be resolved. Candidates evaluate their advisors annually by completing the Advisor Evaluation Form.  Completed advisor evaluations are kept in files in the Provost’s office. Copies of completed forms are provided to the advisors. The MFA Chair and the Provost review Advisor Evaluation forms to determine whether any problems exist between the Advisor and advisee, and what actions should be taken to address them. Two of the following individuals who are not the candidate’s Advisor review the forms in the event either the Provost or the President or the MFA Chair are a Candidate’s Advisor: the College President, the Provost, or the Chair of the MFA program.