160.020 – Candidate Records

Revised: September 2015

The College maintains three separate files for each Candidate: academic, financial, and personal.

A Candidate’s academic records including transcripts, mentor evaluations, the findings of progress reviews are kept in locked files in the Registrar’s Office. A Candidate may review their academic file with the Registrar present. Transcript copies may be obtained by contacting the Registrar. The Registrar updates Candidates’ records as to credits awarded as soon as this information is available, but no later than 30 days after an MFA retreat. The Registrar updates Candidates’ records with regard to MFA projects undertaken (registered for) as this information is received. Candidates’ registration forms are due within 30 days of the end of an MFA retreat.

Candidates’ financial files are retained in the Registrar’s office. These files contain all financial information, financial statements and budget worksheets. These files are locked and accessible only by the Director of Finance and Administration, the Business Manager, the Registrar, the Assistant Registrar and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Candidates may request to view their files but may not remove them from the Registrar’s office.

Candidates’ personal files are retained in the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs. These files contain all personal information including, letters of recommendation, medical and emergency information and any other material of a sensitive nature. This file is locked and only accessible by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Assistant Registrar.

At this time, all Candidate records are retained permanently. The College retains documentation of MFA Candidates’ thesis projects and copies of written theses in its library.