Date Revised: September 2015

Adjunct Faculty Payment
Adjunct faculties in the Professional Certificate Program are paid per credit. Faculty teaching for more than five weeks consecutively will be paid through payroll. Salary will be subject to the usual tax and social security withholding. An employment packet is issued with the Letter of Appointment.

MFA Mentor Payment
MFA Mentors must sign and submit an MFA Mentor Agreement Form, and an MFA Mentor Payment form for each MFA project they have agreed to mentor. These forms are located on the MMW+C/MMC website in the Downloads section.

Mentors are considered and paid as Independent Contractors and as such are not covered under the MMW+C/MMC worker’s compensation or liability policies. The fee will be paid in two installments, one upon receipt of the Mentor’s Mid-Term Evaluation, and the balance upon receipt of the Mentor’s Final Evaluation of the project.