Date Revised: March 2020

Board of Directors
Membership: All board members

  • With the President provide strategy and direction for the institution, mission, and oversight of strategic initiatives.
  • Be familiar with important trends and issues in higher education governance to ensure that the institution is following best practices.
  • Preserve the quality of the institution in its current academic programs as well as planned changes or improvements to the programs.

Program and Student Affairs Committee of the Board
Membership: Members of the Board of Directors, Chair of the Board, President of MMW+C. Staffed by Provost.

  • Review types and distributions of programs for consistency with mission and strategic plan
  • Provide input to President and/or Provost on industry trends, new faculty possibilities and professional opportunities for MMC students
  • Periodically review student evaluations to assess quality of program delivery and make recommendations to President or Provost
  • Review opportunities and/or plans for collaborations, articulation agreements, accreditation
  • Review and recommend to the board approval of new degree programs or discontinuance of existing degree programs
  • Review marketing plans and provide suggestions to staff

MMC Academic Standards Committee
Membership: MFA Chair, PC Chair, Provost, One appointed MFA faculty member (annual appointment), selected external members as appropriate (note: all programmatic areas will be represented through appointed members to the committee).


  • Student disciplinary issues*
  • Student grievances
  • Academic program design, modifications and issues*
  • Curricular design, modifications, issues*

MFA Steering Committee
Membership: President, MMC; Provost, MMC; MFA Chair, Maine MMC; MFA faculty member appointed annually by ex-officio members of the committee.

  • Vetting, recruiting and engaging MFA mentors
  • Annual appointments of MFA core faculty
  • Hiring new MFA core faculty
  • Reviewing faculty evaluations
  • Selecting and engaging guest faculty
  • Forming ad hoc committees and appointing external committee members when needed
  • MFA policies
  • MFA procedures
  • Coordinating regular program reviews
  • Student admissions screening & acceptance
  • Address student grievances*
  • Student disciplinary issues*
  • Student financial aid issues

MFA Committee
Membership:  Core, guest faculty

  • Academic issues*
  • Curricular design and modifications*
  • Granting of credit**
  • Assigning of advisors and academic mentors
  • Advising
  • Mentoring academic projects
  • Attending retreats**
  • Teaching intensives
  • Progress reviews (gateway and penultimate)**
  • Student admissions screening & acceptance

*responsibilities held by more than one committee
**responsibilities that guest faculty engage in during retreats