Date Revised: March 2020

MFA Program
MFA Candidates submit Project Proposal forms with their Registration for Credits each semester. These proposals function as syllabi and must specifically outline the goals and learning objectives of the project, the criteria for evaluation of the project, the form the project will take, and a preliminary plan for interaction with the project mentor. Project Mentors are encouraged to provide written response to Candidate Project Proposals. The Candidate, the project mentor, the Candidate’s advisor, and the Chair of the MFA Program must sign the proposal. 

Professional Certificate Programs
Each faculty member teaching in the Professional Certificate Program must submit a syllabus for each course to the Provost two weeks prior to each term. A syllabus is a contract with students, presented at the beginning of a course, outlining what the course covers and the criteria to successfully complete the course. Each syllabus must contain the following:

  1. Identifying information:
    1. Name and Title of course
    2. Course number
    3. Faculty name, office hours, phone #’s, email
    4. Day, time and place of class meeting
  2. Description of the course and material to be covered
    1. Course objectives/purpose of the course
    2. What are the end goals/what a student can expect to know at the end of the course
    3. The theme and philosophy of the course
    4. Outline of assignments by week if appropriate
  3. Requirements (what a student must do):
    1. Exams
    2. Papers
    3. Class projects
    4. Class attendance policy
    5. Late assignment policy
    6. Lab hours required
    7. Approximate outside time commitment expected
    8. Any additional materials, books or resources required for the course
  4. Grading policy
    1. How the work will be graded
    2. Distribution of grade
    3. Percentages allocated to Requirements