Date Revised: March 2020

The College supports its faculty and their creative and intellectual growth.

MMW+C offers faculty:

  • Production facilities are available to individual faculty members to further the creation of their art, upon approval of an application to the Provost / President. This support may include the use of darkrooms, digital labs, film and video production equipment and other specialized technology.
  • Attendance at trade shows, conferences, film festivals, seminars and other professional events is encouraged. Travel, fees and per diem are provided upon application approval.
  • Upon approval by the Provost, MMW + C provides exhibition space on campus in the main gallery and other campus locations for individual faculty shows.
  • Faculty exhibitions off campus may receive College support and funding to cover shipping, insurance, matting and framing. Assistance in the production of the exhibition may also be provided. Faculty members must make application to the Provost / President.
  • Professional Certificate curricular and adjunct faculty, the Provost, and the President attend faculty meetings up to three times each trimester. These meetings are intended to foster communication among faculty members and the administration, and to provide support in teaching, course preparation as well as other forms of peer mentoring.
  • Curricular faculty of the Professional Certificate Programs are entitled to take one workshop per year free of charge.
  • MFA faculty, adjunct faculty, and Workshops faculty may take unlimited workshops at a discount.