Date Revised: March 2020

Core faculty
Students submit to the MFA office evaluations of faculty who have served as their project mentors or intensive instructors at midterm and end of term. Evaluations are then distributed to the individual faculty and the MFA Steering Committee for review. A member of the Committee addresses any problems or concerns with individual faculty members immediately if necessary, or as part of the annual review process, as determined by the Committee.

Faculty members annually submit self-assessments to the MFA Chair. Faculty members are asked to address several elements pertinent to their ongoing employment including their teaching and mentoring; other service to the school, including advising and committee involvement; and their recent professional and scholarly pursuits. Faculty members are also asked to provide their thoughts about actions on the part of program administrators that would be helpful or enhance their performance and personal and professional development. Lastly, faculty may, at their option, separately discuss the program and its operation as well as their overall experience at the school. Unless faculty members wish otherwise, the optional elements of the assessment are not made part of their personnel files.

The MFA Chair reviews these documents, completes a written response and schedules meetings with individual faculty members to discuss the assessments, address any apparent problems and develop plans for the upcoming year. Both the faculty self-assessments and the MFA Chair’s responses are placed in the faculty members files.

By the same process, the President of the college conducts the assessments of other members of the MFA Steering Committee who are also core faculty members.

MFA Core Faculty Self – Assessment
Please see the Appendix for the MFA Core Faculty Self – Assessment form.

Project mentors
Students submit to the MFA office evaluations of project mentors at midterm and at end of term. These forms are retained in the students’ files. Evaluations are distributed to mentors and the MFA Steering Committee for review.  The MFA Chair discusses with students’ advisors, and/or the students directly, any apparent problems requiring resolution.

In practice and more frequently, students discuss problems related to projects and project mentors with their advisors as they arise. Solutions to problems generally arrived at through discussion with the mentor; however, persistent problems are directed to the MFA Chair. In the event that a particular mentor proves to be inadequate or otherwise fails to perform to standards, the MFA Chair will discuss possible actions, including removing the mentor from the list of approved mentors, with the members of the MFA Steering Committee. The Committee notifies advisors in the event that approval to serve as a mentor is rescinded.

Workshop instructors
Students complete and submit evaluations of workshop instructors. Evaluations are distributed to the instructors and the Provost. Should it become apparent that a particular workshop instructor does not perform to standards the Provost will either remove the instructor’s workshop from the list of approved workshops or cease to offer the workshop.

Professional Certificate Faculty and Program Evaluation Procedures
At the end of each term students are asked to submit course and faculty evaluations. These evaluations offer students an opportunity to provide input and feedback for the academic program, as well as student services and campus life.

Packets containing blank evaluation forms for each class are distributed in week nine of each term. The Student Representatives from each program are asked to facilitate the evaluation process by having the forms completed in class, then sealing them and returning the packet to the Registrar. These evaluations are anonymous. Faculty and TAs are not present while they are completed.  The Registrar will provide copies of the evaluations to the Provost and individual faculty members once grades have been submitted for the term.

PC: Curricular Faculty Self-Assessment
In order to uphold the standards of MMC, Curricular Faculty for the Professional Certificate Programs are asked to write and submit a self-evaluation to the Provost at the end of each academic year. 

The following outline describes the faculty evaluation process for Curricular Faculty.

The Professional Certificate Faculty review course syllabi annually. Syllabi for each course must be submitted to the Provost prior to the start of each new term, to be kept in the college files. Each term, students are requested to complete an evaluation of each class and faculty member. Copies of students’ evaluations of instructors are given to faculty only after the Registrar has received grades for the term.

At the end of each spring term, faculty members write a self-assessment of the year. The Provost receives these evaluations no later than one month following the end of the spring term and meets with each faculty member to review the assessment and course evaluations. The President may also attend these reviews. The Provost writes summaries of each review session. These are given to the faculty member and included in their file.

Please see the Appendix for the MFA Core Faculty Self – Assessment form.