Date Revised: September 2015


Student Name:                                                                                                             Date:

This letter serves as notification of your Academic Warning status in the following course:

Course Title:                                                               Faculty:

You are hereby given Academic Warning based on the criteria below:

____ Absenteeism: Only 2 absences are permitted. A third absence results in a dropped letter grade. Each additional absence results in a dropped letter grade.

____ Excessive tardiness

____ Lack of participation in class

____ Poor work quality

____ Work incomplete

Your grade in the class as of mid-term evaluation is ______.

If the performance area(s) listed above continue, a second academic warning may be forthcoming. The combination of two academic warnings will result in academic probation.

Maine Media College strives to give students support in their academic studies and creative work. Please speak to the faculty member for the above course as soon as possible to discuss steps to be taken to ensure your successful completion of this course.