Date Revised: September 2015

(PC) Curricular Faculty Self-Assessment
Please reflect on your achievements during the past year in the areas listed below, and provide specific goals/objectives for the upcoming year in each category. Progress will be reviewed in June with outcomes and reflections added.

  • Evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each course taught.
  • Summary of how the course could be improved in the future including changes to the syllabus.
  • An account of the faculty member’s service work as appropriate to any committees or additional institutional projects.
  • An account of any professional work undertaken during the year (such as exhibition, screening, creative project, public lecture, etc.)

The following questions are optional. Your responses will be helpful to us if you wish to respond. Please respond on a separate piece of paper, which will not be placed in your personnel file and will not be part of your assessment, unless you so wish. If you wish these responses to be placed in your personnel file, check here.

  1. Do you feel that certain aspects of the structure and management particularly enhance or hamper your job activities? (Please cite positive or negative conditions that are particularly important to you.)
  2. Overall comment (a short statement of your overall experience as a Maine Media Workshops + College employee during the past year).