If Travis Trudell were here with you today, he would tell you that life is enjoyed best when you remember to share it. He would tell you about how magic is real and it can be found in the small hours when we are closer to sleep. If Travis were here today, he would want you to spend some time learning about light, watching it, studying it, following it around until the light is very uncomfortable and asks us to stop, forcing us to have to create and shape our own light. He would tell you a funny story about Nikola Tesla, and we would all have a good laugh. He would laugh too hard and make everyone uncomfortable, but you would think about it later and would be ok with it. If Travis were here today he would tell you about his love for film, the photochemical dance between light and shadow. He would encourage you to play in the dark, to express uncomfortable feelings, to challenge yourself and the world around you. If Travis were here today. If he were here. Today... 

Travis Trudell has continued to work in the film industry for over ten years. He has worked as a Best Boy and electrician on such films as: Shutter Island, The Social Network, Black Mass, Ghostbusters (2016), Stronger, and Cadaver. When he is not laying cable and pushing lights, he likes to write pretentious sounding autobiographical statements and read them back to himself out loud with an affected British accent. Sometimes Russian.

Travis's Upcoming Schedule

Location Lighting

Jul 2 - Jul 8 2017