Mark Wallack Portrait by: Rachel WallackMark holds a B.S. and M.S in Art Education with a concentration in printmaking and photography. He taught for 11 years in elementary school, high school and was an adjunct instructor in colleges while residing in the New Haven area of Connecticut. After teaching in the Workshops summer programs from 1976 until 1980 when he was granted a position for the fall 1980 program as a resident faculty member. In 1981 Mark embarked on a non-photographic career in law enforcement. He retired after a varied career with the Connecticut State Police in 2004

During his working years and into retirement Mark continued to stay in tune with the advancements in photography.  Although he still shoots with the Hasselblad that he purchased in 1970 it does have a digital back.  Marks work has been published in Down East Magazine and recently a 26 image donation to a book authored by Philip Conkling titled Where the Mountains Meet the Sea (A History Of The Camden Area 1900-2000] Mark is attracted to photographs that have a sense of history. "The history of the photograph starts directly after it is taken, be it a family portrait, the building of a sailing ship, a civil war, or a landing on the moon. What would we know of most things past if were not for photography?"

His teaching philosophy is one of patience and the simplification of technical information providing each student with individual attention assuring that each progressive aspect is understood. Mark currently works with two students in the Camden area one of who is confined to a wheelchair after a tragic accident.  His enthusiasm for teaching is a rewarding experience that seems to recharge his own "photographic batteries"